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Ten good reasons to like…

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… the »Perfect 10« – a.k.a. the tall, skinny, sexaye bloke with the Scottish accent (guess… errrm… WHO!)

You must bring up a certain amount of humour whilst reading! Don’t take every word literally! Just: David Tennant with his outstanding performance on »Doctor Who« is one of my favourite British actors, alongside with John Simm, Philip Glenister and David Morrissey, just as well as John Cleese and Eric Idle – now that’s another completely different story, but I do fancy them all! And yes, truth must be told, even if it hurts sometimes: On the other hand I hate Timothy Dalton, I definitely don’t like Pierce Brosnan, just can’t stand Daniel Craig and Hugh Grant is even worse. Please don’t ask me about Michael Caine or Roger Moore. Don’t doubt my taste. Contain yourselves. Just see above :twisted:

No. 1: Grow up but stay as childish as anyone can!

(And have fun fancying the Proclaimers – did you ask them for pics and autographs? Did’ya, rubber ball?!? )

And I would walk five hundred lightyears and I would walk five hundred more
Just to be the girl who walks a thousand lightyears to fall down at your door… ba-la-lad-daah…!!!

Link: Ballaladdah!

No. 2: Sing along and bewilder women by eating ice-cream! :?

(No! … Don’t ya watch this one too often – at a certain time it only can bring you down! I’m having nightmares already, being that ice-cream melting away… aw-aw-aw… pictures in my head! Watch the full episode 2 of »Blackpool«, if you can… Watch »Blackpool« anyway! Poor us Germans… we’ve missed such good stuff… just go to free.videoload.de → and see yourself. Holy BBC… British actors should be THAT thankful… So many superb productions to prove yourself as an actor, so much to win, almost nothing to lose!)

You gotta know when to hold’em, know when to fold’em
Know when to walk away, know when to run
You never count your money when you’re sittin’ at the table
There’ll be time enough for countin’ when the dealin’s done
-Kenny Rogers, The Gambler- (»Blackpool«, 2004 © BBC UK)

Link: Watch DI Carlisle eating icecream

No. 3: Learn the waltz and let people watch you doing this!

(Sure, as soon as the cameras went out… oh, come on! We’re not really supposed to believe this, are we? Or can anybody remember even one single dancing scene in the episode »The girl in the fire place«?!?)

Link: Dancing lesson

No. 4: Never deny the Scottish accent!

(It’s the Highlander in you which drives us chicks crazy, I guess…)

Link: Look at that... sexaye!

No. 5: Always take a banana to a party!
(Priceless in that scene… reminds me of that Rolling Stone guy… what’s his name? And he invented the Banana Daiquiri but couldn’t remember that on »Mastermind« *g* Shame on you, DT!)

Link: Thickface

No. 6: Keep good looking – even in a blue suit!

(And be nice to your co-actor – ’cause he might as well could be your father-in-law some day!)

If video won’t work please try www.youtube.com/v/dBbEd5pjiDM →

No. 7: Let us know you’re sweating!

(Yes! At last he’s just an ordinary man – doesn’t the scene ’round 1:03 makes him so much more human?!? Earthly child, in the end…)

[MEDIA nicht gefunden]

No. 8: Just say: »Blackpool, baby!«

(After getting totally excited for being escorted through town by police to be right in time for hitting the button at 2007′s Blackpool Illuminations there’s something ’bout the way he says that ['round 2:42])

[MEDIA nicht gefunden]

No. 9: Give us more copies! Keep on cloning yourself!

(OK – Rose’s got one… now I want one on my own, too! May I pleeeeeease also have a copy of yours, Doctor??? Oh, and if it’s a multiple birth – I’ll take the other ones as well, gladly!!!)

Link: I want a clone on my own...

No. 10: Put your next bed on an auction – but don’t forget to handcuff yourself on it this time!
(Loved the nonplussed gesture in the end – and the apologizes to the poor John Simm :-) )

Link: Twittersode on Absolute Radio

Bonus: This proves the auctioned bed from above was really his one :-)

(Taken from »Dr. Who: David Tennant’s video diary«, Series 2)

Link: The bed which was auctioned...