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Doctor Who: Time Lines (“Blurred Lines” parody)

Originally performed by Robin #SICK… sorry. THICKE, T.I. and Pharrell Williams adapted by TripleThreatProdux → – well done, guys!

Quote from “Blink” – The Doctor: People assume that time is a strict progression of cause to effect, but actually, from a non-linear, non-subjective viewpoint – it’s more like a big ball of wibbly-wobbly… timey-wimey… stuff. Plus, and it has to be said: David Tennant’s a BILLION times more sexy than that mysogynistic, narcissistic douchebag Robin T.!

Doctor Who: David Tennant’s farewell gift

Written by The Proclaimers, performed by the cast & crew of Doctor Who

I’m not really sure where this production comes from but it’s VERY SWEET to watch the production team, directors, producers and actors singing and dancing to one of David Tennant’s favourite songs: I’m gonna be (500 Miles) by Charlie and Craig Reid – better known as The Proclaimers

Doctor Who Confidential Series 3 – The Lazarus Experiment (3.6, 05.05.2007): I’m such a child…

Written by Stephen Greenhorn, directed by Richard Clark

Seems THE DOCTOR hasn’t always been a role model… I can only hope the farting contest with John Barrowman isn’t on tape, too somewhere… :cool:

Doctor Who Confidential Series 4 – Partners in Crime (4.1, 05.04.2008): I caught that puppy!

Written by Russell T Davies, directed by James Strong

Green screen scene from “Partners in Crime”: David Tennant catches the sonic pen at once, finds it brilliant and is so very proud of himself, but gets disappointed by the director, because the catch was slightly out of frame (personally, I would have killed the cameraman first and James Strong right afterwards if I were him. But that’s just David: professional, never losing temper, always having fun out of life… lovely)

Doctor Who Confidential Series 4 – The Sontaran Stratagem (4.4, 26.04.2008)/The Poison Sky (4.5, 03.05.2008): The Doctor gets a little nervous and sneezes

Written by Helen Raynor, directed by Douglas Mackinnon

According to THE DOCTOR it is always nerve wrecking meeting up with an ex… especially if it’s one that you didn’t end up entirely happy with… (sorry Doc– are you completely out of time, space and reality? At a split there’s always somebody left behind, it always needs someone to speak out and so there will always be the other one who’s gotta deal with these words… never knew anybody who would’ve been ‘entirely happy’ after such a human relationship’s desaster) and so he is a little nervous because his current companion Donna is about to meet his former companion Martha… I fear Freema’s tympanic membrane just got ripped when David Tennant’s sneezer detonated :-) Catherine’s reaction instead still keeps on waiting yet…

Doctor Who Confidential Series 4 – Silence in the Library (4.9, 31.05.2008)/Forest of the Dead (4.10, 07.06.2008): Cast & crew are enjoying a shooting break

Written by Steven Moffat, directed by Euros Lyn

Our dearest Doctor gets a bit overexcited by winning a little game of cards whilst »Donna« is totally relaxed because she’s still three winning games ahead.

Tonight’s the Night Show with John Barrowman: Doctor Who Exclusive

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The lucky, lucky, lucky greatest Doctor-Who-fan of all Tim Ingham meets his idols and plays “good guy – bad guy” with Captain Jack… inside the TARDIS! And the Doctor himself reminds Jack to whom the TARDIS belongs: It’s his. His TARDIS, solely! Oh dear, Tim… you know how lucky you were, don’t you? I’d have given… ummm… I’d say not enough just to feel David Tennant’s hand on my shoulder – what’s not THAT disappointing to me. Because my shoulder isn’t in a need to be touched by him – I can imagine a lot more other parts of my body… Right. This ain’t gonna be a penny dreadful here.

Shaun the Sheep – See if you can spot something Doctor-Who-alike ;-)

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Shaun the Sheep – Party Animals: Look if you can see what Shaun’s got to do with Doctor Who!

Red Nose Day 2007 – Peter Kay and Matt Lucas would roll 500 miles…

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The Proclaimers’ hit song »I’m gonna be (500 Miles)« in a special version – plus David Tennant/McDonald in a traditional Scottish dress. Wonder if Doctor Who would have been a success with Mr. Tennant in a kilt instead of the long brown coat and the suits…?

Doctor Who: The best authenticator Ask Rhod Gilbert’s ever had (The series’s meanwhile off, isn’t it? Please tell me so!!!!)

It’s – and I guess you’ve already figured it out by yourself: David Tennant!

I guess that’s the kind of things an actor has to do in Britain ;-( It just can’t be always a show like Never mind the Buzzcocks where you can ask other celebrities, let’s say, just for example Catherine Tate, more or less awkward questions (like: What does TARDIS stand for?) or the Friday Night Project where bewildered, enthusiastic little fangirls just ask for ruffling your hair, or can it – David?!?


(Transcripts are taken from Doctor Who (2005+) Transcripts → and from The writer’s tale – The missing scripts →, with revisions, extensions and additions by myself)


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