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The crack is back, Top Kill failed and we are ESC…

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Hell of a weekend. I’m not quite on it, to be honest. There were other things of more importance, personal things.

But the last Doctor Who’s episode was really great and -though I’m still missing my beloved 10th- the story was exciting, heart going and substantial! What was the last time I cried on Doctor Who? Must’ve been when David said: “I don’t want to go.”

Watching »Cold Blood« it happened a few times (due to my slightly unstable psychological condition, a cause of PMS). Me, crying, I mean. A very emotional story. The Doctor was… oh dear, I can’t believe I’m writing this, but he was… convincing. And in the end the crack was back, suddenly. Finally. And Amy’s fiancé’s gone.

More important because really more down to essential things: Top Kill failed. What now, BP? I’ve said it before, since weeks: If we can’t mend failures like this stop drilling offshore. I’m afraid, really. Afraid of we’re killing ourselves. Slowly but surely.

So what’s it worth Lena’s won the ESC? Nice, but… no big point in space and time, innit?